Best of 2020 (So far…)

Good. Better. Worst? 2020 is a third of the way through so far and man if it doesn't feel like three times that. Any year where literally the entire world is force-quarantined by a pandemic is, to put it nicely, awkward. I doubt it is anyone's idea of fun to hole up at home

Best Tracks of 2016 (So Far…)

Life is a collection of experiences, which are made more memorable with a terrific soundtrack. Not every experience has a track to score the moment, but how often does a great moment have a corresponding track that helps create the experience and sear it into your memory for life? Whatever the experience or whatever the track, both become forever intertwined. Many of... Continue Reading →

Best Tracks of 2014 (So Far…)

Last year was a banner year in music but 2014, so far, has proven to be up for the challenge of being even better. With albums from heavy hitters like The Black Keys, Beck and St. Vincent already in the books, what more can 2014 do??? Reducing the best songs to a mere (20)14x2 meant eliminating old... Continue Reading →


The house lights go down as the crowd, packed liked sardines in a fresh sea of blackness, gasps and focuses all attention on a dark, barren stage. 5 seconds pass. 10 seconds pass. Nothing happens but the crowd is not concerned as the silence continues to grow. 15 seconds pass. The collective gasp that initially... Continue Reading →

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