I’m Wieden + Burgundy?

Ron Burgundy is back and he would like you to buy a Dodge Durango?  Why you ask? Well, Ron doesn’t care about such trivial things like miles per gallon, financing rates or total cost so the answer lies in the glove box, with the number of horses and probably in the amount of quarters not eaten by the seats. Brilliant!

In an exceptional example of cross-promotion, Will Farrell‘s beloved character is here to promote the Durango while reminding viewers how awesome he, and the upcoming Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, will be. The advertisements, of which there are reportedly 67 different spots, were created by the renowned ad agency Wieden + Kennedy in collaboration with writers from Funny or Die.

What makes this these ads so brilliant is the ability for Dodge to educate and promote typically ignored car features in memorable and surprisingly informative way. Car ads often shout how strong and powerful the engines are while pumping the new low MPG and #1 ranking in some list that average viewers could care less about.

This approach is unique and potentially powerful since purchase decisions, large or small, are often made based on how a particular product alleviates a pain point. Drivers know how annoying oddly shaped cup holders are, how frustrating bunched floor mats can be or how impossibly small glove boxes can be. Buying a car shouldn’t be based on these “insignificant” features but when big picture items are presumed equal, this little things can and do influence final purchases.

What does matters is how sticky or memorable the ad is so that when it is time to buy a car, be it now or more likely down the road, that buyers remember your brand and have positive associations with it. Not everyone loves Anchorman and relates positively to the reference but it can be assumed that an agency like W+K has researched the target audience and is confident in the message being delivered.

The pairing of Dodge Durango and Ron Burgundy is as smart as the pairing of W+K with Funny or Die was to actually make it happen. And hey, even though there is no way will these ads make me want to buy a Durango, it does give future buyers like me a positive association with Dodge in general and, perhaps more importantly, reminds me why I should sign off and buy advanced tickets to Anchorman.

Watch a few of the ads and decide for yourself the effectiveness but keep in mind that if you don’t, Ron might send Brick after you with a trident!

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