How Commercial!

A great advertisement, at its core, should be at all times intriguing, captivating and worthy of your undivided attention. Maybe you get pulled in by a catchy tune or witty phrase, or even a burst of light but regardless, once aware, you should be unable to look away. The necessary creativity that the advertiser must use to ‘create’ such a profound effect must effectively use tools that allow even the casual viewers to fully engage and relate; but that isn’t enough.

To be truly memorable, there must be some element of a story. For example, the commercial succeeds in telling a series of stories that are all connected by a common thread that is revealed at the end. In a word, this ad campaign is brilliant, but don’t take my word for it, watch for yourself…

Now, what is your immediate reaction? Don’t stop to think, just react! Were you amused, disappointed, connected, confused or simply meh? You can tell in your proverbial gut whether you enjoyed this ad, whether you found it funny or effective. In the end, only your reaction as a potential consumer matters, though in theory you would need to watch this ad at least two more times to truly engage and potentially purchase the AC unit.

That said, in my opinion this Cannes Lions festival winner is perfect. Perhaps it is the relatability to my own father’s propensity to brief it up that connects with me, but that is only part of it. The crescendoing music, the quickly connecting storyline, the clever theme, the subtle delivery and the black and white effect all came together in commercial genius. I can’t forget and haven’t forgotten this commercial and maybe I never will, but you know what, I don’t want to. I enjoyed it.

Let’s try again. If you are a child of 90s, perhaps you relate/connect/enjoy the following commercial more than “Dads in Briefs” since it cleverly tells the story of your childhood before making the final point at the end…

Or maybe you are addicted to YouTube, Buzzfeed or IWasteSoMuchTime and you will love what Volkswagen did here, mixing internet heroes and the legend that is Jimmy Cliff

Or, females less probable, you just like Kate Upton, so any ad she is in appeals to you, especially this controversial one, even though it is apparently notthee” commercial that Mercedes will ultimately unveil during the Super Bowl

The point is: commercials tell stories and through them attempt to emotionally connect with potential viewers in hopes that the product being promoted will be sold or at least be at the front of your mind. You might think you are bright and incapable of being tricked in this way but advertisers are bright as well, so watch out. With the Super Bowl upon us, it is time to harden that heart or get ready to loosen those purse strings…

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