Coming Full Closure

OpenPut a bow on it. Wrap the gift with extreme precision and but a big ol’ bow on it. If you don’t, the gift will stink. The circle won’t be complete. Think about gift, wrap gift, bow it up, give gift, unwrap gift, use gift, forget about gift. Receive unbowed gift in return. Trash gift. Make sense?

To live is to travel through circular fields of repetition that have various smells and varying scenes but the end is always constant. There is one. Life begs, SCREAMS, for closure. If something starts, that thing should ultimately end. Life begets death. Life invites routine. Life is complete(ly predictable).

What about the apocalypse? Imagine if the Mayans had been correct. All things that had started would have ceased to exist in one, singular instant. Yes there would have been an official end to everything but no there would not have been the customary completeness, the closure. Think of all that unrequited love, those movies that weren’t over, the tasks that weren’t finished, the meals uneaten and so on and so on and so on….heaven.

Not in the literal sense, unless you believe in a higher power as I do, but in the recklessness of it all. We humans think we can’t walk away from ANYthing until it has come full circle but that is wrong. Accidents happen. Unpredictable events occur and sometimes force premature closure therefore there can be none. Oh the beauty! The unplanned, incomplete circles that never close, the movie ends abruptly and the viewer is left, unsatisfied. Or not.

When closure is forced upon us, what must me do but think. I love movies that end unexpectedly and leave me temporarily unsatisfied but in thought. If you anticipate the end, you ready yourself for it and when it happens, it happens and you shrug and get on with your day. The true beauty lies in your mind when you don’t get that end. Happy or sad, pleased or annoyed, you react. You adapt. You live in the moment, ever-present in that particular moment. Again, heaven!

Closure can be great but if you live circled in, boxed in with pretty complete bows, there would be no breaks or room for escape, for mistakes, for breath. Allow closure to be unfin



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