Best of Websites 2012

Tricky thing to compile right? It is easy to create a top website list as long as you cheat eliminate a few of the obvious social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Gmail (or whatever other e-mail you foolishly use). I also excluded Spotify since, once downloaded, doesn’t function quite like a regular site but man is it a life-changer! Now, in no particular order, the top 10 websites on the internet!

  1. Flavorwire –  Cultural news, critiques and just kinda hipster fun!
  2. Mapmyrun – Great place to map, plan and track your runs, walks and bike rides!
  3. Zenhabits – Want to improve your life or at least learn how to contemplate it? Become a ZenHead!
  4. Bleacher Report – Top, most-up-to-date sports site edging out ESPN and SI!
  5. Freerice – Practice grammar, vocab and practice language learning while helping the world!
  6. Zergnet – Like pop culture? If so, never EVER give this site a try…..
  7. NPR – Best of the news sites, even Al Jazeera and BBC
  8. Environmental Graffiti – Nature and then some. Epic pictures DAILY!
  9. Howcast – Want to learn anything? Go here and enlarge your brain!
  10. SPIN – Straight music knowledge. None better!

Any glaring omissions? Creating such a list is fun until you realize other sites that have to make the list that didn’t and a downward cycle ensues….I encourage you to check out these sites and recommend a few back to continue in the spirit of sharing! Enjoy the surf!


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