Rajon CONDO!

By this time next month, I will be (mostly) moved in to a new apartment in the wonderful city of Boston. Having only seen my apartment but once, I’m quite eager to check it out again and to begin moving in and “Michaelizing” it a.k.a. making it my own. Since my first trip back is two weeks away, for now all I can do is post the not-so-great photos taken by our not-so-great realtors in an oh-so-great location!


1- Entryway/study
2- Bay window(ed) living room
3- Kitchen, built in “nook” a.k.a kitchen table (?!?)
4- Bedroom (has ceiling fan, woot [!], as does the living room)
*Raised first-floor condo that is cat-friendly (yay!) and has a great location (Metro, nightlight, Whole Foods…)

If the apartment looks to be on the smaller side, your eye is indeed a keen one. Apartments in Boston are definitely on the expensive side, as is Boston in general, but it is especially true if you are living near, or in my case across the street, a metro stop.  Simply put, it is all worth it since Boston is a fun and exciting ‘big town that thinks it’s a city’ and I am fully prepared to pay for every square foot, inch, millimeter… As the not so great Jet’s linebacker Bart Scott has said, “Can’t wait!”

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