Oh Harrisonburg!

Oh Harrisonburg!

Harrisonburg, where I have lived for the past 5 years, truly is a beautiful place. The apartment where I currently live, located on a hillside along the county line, has great views of green pastures, not-so-distant mountains and, of course, gorgeous sunsets. My little section of the ‘Burg is typically pretty serene and quiet but, due to an epic storm, that was definitely not the case last night.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a crazy wild storm blew in creating all kinds of havoc. It was busy knocking out our power (and that of millions apparently), whip-lashing our plants, moving our outdoor furniture this way and that, depositing our recycling bin down the street and even now, leaving branches and other such debris all over our yard and the yards of many others. The storm was truly an impressive display of raw power that was wonderful to witness from the safety of indoors (mostly, I ventured out a few times). I find it ironic that the storm created a different kind of beauty. By giving us, the Rutts and us Millers, the chance to drink wine in candlelight while watching the storm was serene in a different way. It was a wonderful evening and one I can only hope I experience many times over….


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