Duned if you do, duned if you don’t

In 1984, I was born (hooray) but, unbeknownst to me at the time, something else was happening. Famed director David Lynch, whom I respect for his continual innovative and inventive work, was busy destroying a wonderful piece of sci-fi fiction that I have come to like quite a bit. Lynch took on the impossible task of recreating the very detailed and peculiar world that Frank Herbert created yet, unlike Peter Jackson years later (LOTR), failed miserably. This disappointment was/is shared by critics, casual movie-goers and Herbert fans alike but sadly not all big-screen adaptations can live up to they hype…

I for one watched the movie years ago, and I thought it was pretty weird, more than a bit campy, and quite interesting. I look forward to a re-watch pending the completion of the book that I am quite enjoying presently and I hope to be satisfied in a new way. If not, I only ask that a Jackson or Christopher Nolan be brave enough to successfully adapt ‘DUNE’ and satiate the longing desires of all of us fans.


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