Celebrating recovery…

All of my thoughts today are on recovery. I assume that this will be a trend based solely on one simple fact: marathon training. If I’m honest with myself, I need to learn how to embrace recovery since I am terrible at it. I get antsy, bored or feel lazy and listless if I use the majority of my time to simply rest and relax. Recovery has always been a waste that I want no part of and that needs to change. Perhaps I am this way since I’m an extrovert who recovers, in a way, through interaction but that is not enough.

I realize that our bodies, and our minds, need breaks from any kind of taxing activity. Realization is a good start but I’m fully aware that it isn’t enough. For example, I ran a simple 4.2 mile long run this morning, coming off the heels of a grueling soccer game last night that ended at 11pm, and my body felt sore and slow during the entirety of the run. I did not allow adequate time for recovery.

We all need to give more time to recovery. If you work to hard, take a break. If you travel, stay home and relax when you get back. If you exercise hard, get off your feet and recover.  Recovery applies to all  aspects of life, including the spiritual aspect and, with that in mind, I leave with the following (pretty cheesy) image…


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