More SUVs Please!

I love SUVs. I think they are sexy, metallic beasts that can take you from point A to be point B in impressive style. In my SUV I, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, will out-muscle you whenever I get the opportunity and on my high perch I continually lord over miniscule Mini-Coopers, Ford Mustangs and any other... Continue Reading →

“If you are ashamed to …

"If you are ashamed to stand by your colors, you had better seek another flag." - Unknown

How patriotic are you? I ask this question knowing full well that I cannot fully answer it myself. Sure, I can flesh out different aspects of it but I definitely struggle with pledging my allegiance to any flag. I created a short quiz to test myself, and anyone who reads this, to help me test my current stance on patriotism....

  1. Are you an American citizen? Were you born here? - yes and no (born in Bolivia)
  2. Do you consider yourself to be American? - yes (but not always proudly)
  3. Do you support the American president? -  this one, yes
  4. Do you believe that the USA is a great country? - yes
  5. Do you pledge allegiance to the USA? no (only to God)
  6. Would your give your life for USA? - no (only for God or family)
  7. Have you lived in the USA your entire life? Will you? - no and not likely though I could
  8. Are you grateful for the opportunities the US has given you? - yes, absolutely
  9. Do you believe in war? Do you agree with the US military involvement? - no and not normally
  10. Do you support the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and government systems? - yes

Well, how did I do? How did you do? This is a test of my own creation and I realize that it is absolutely flawed to create a self-quiz but for me, it was at least helpful. Nonetheless, I know that I will find tomorrow to be a struggle when it comes time to "celebrate" America but I'm starting to get used to it. I know one thing, I am jealous of any person that has a true passion for their country, yes that includes ignorant folks that parade their strong beliefs via car flag, red, white and blue bandanas and the like, but I don't anticipate ever fully being able to join in.

Exercise log:
7am - 4.75 mile run with the Rutts (42/Acorn)


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