As is not often the case, Boston is in the eye of the storm, a nor'easter named Nemo. My Twitterverse exploded with warnings, regulations and advice as Nemo loomed large. And then, the crazy thing is that Twitter was right, Nemo was/is actually quite devastating. The only non-devastating news is the name Nemo itself. Why... Continue Reading →


Dear Future Anonymous Reader, Hello, stranger. My name is Mike Miller (not the basketball player); nice to meet you. If you are reading this, well, that means the worst has happened. I am either trapped in my electricity-less apartment with no hope of escape or I have passed away and no one knows yet. Either... Continue Reading →


It's impossibly hot outside and the heat shows no signs of abating. Mercilessly, the temperature keeps crawling, degree by degree in the wrong direction. Dripping with unstoppable sweat, you press on, each step more difficult than the last. Your only desire is cold. Anything cold. An hour earlier, encouraged by memories of the 'Taste the... Continue Reading →

First Snow

A light snow began to fall, covering the ground in a pure white. The innocent beauty of the fluttering flurries flowing freely from the open sky were appreciated by all, except her. She had been standing on the platform for over ten minutes impatiently waiting for the T to arrive. Even the purity of the... Continue Reading →

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