PREDICTIONS: Serie A Edition

My ASRoma bias aside, here our my year-end predictions to what promises to be an exciting Serie A 2013-14 season. Enjoy! 1. NAPOLI No Cavani, no problem. Hamsik & HiguaĆ­n lead a successful Scudetto winning campaign. 2. JUVENTUS Tevez makes Manchester City look foolish as he leads Serie A in goals. 3. FIORENTINA Gomez joins... Continue Reading →

An Unexpected Journey

Isn't it funny how the past, once it is behind us, looks so very rosy? It's crazy how events that came before tend to be remembered like a fleeting dream, destined to be seen in a stream of exuberant flashes. For me, 2012 is that dream. Though over, I will remember 2012 quite fondly. It... Continue Reading →

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