Best of 2020 (So far…)

Good. Better. Worst? 2020 is a third of the way through so far and man if it doesn't feel like three times that. Any year where literally the entire world is force-quarantined by a pandemic is, to put it nicely, awkward. I doubt it is anyone's idea of fun to hole up at home

Unexpected Virtue of Academy Award Ignorance

The Academy is in for an interesting night. Sure the ballots have long since been cast but the story of all the votes unfold tonight. The night could go many directions and yield a few surprises but, as always, the Monday morning water cooler conversations that follow will be centered around the biggest awards, of which many are true toss-ups. At the center... Continue Reading →

Predicting the Academy Awards

The Academy is in for a long night. The ballots have already been cast but the story has yet to be told. The different directions the night could take, and Monday morning water cooler conversations that follow, are as exciting as they are unpredictable. Will members deliver a surprising American Hustle domination and award the... Continue Reading →

Moonrise Kingdom

Dear Wes Anderson, It is, as always, a great treat to be invited into the inner workings of your mind. The magical worlds that you allow me to traverse are continually intriguing and always diverse. By transporting me to 'foreign' places through eras long forgotten, you continue to give me the wonderful gift of true escapism while offering me a different lens through which to view things. On top of that, you spoil me by introducing me countless interesting characters that have ridiculous flaws, superficial depth and so so SO many crushing secrets-delightful. In your most recent delight, Moonrise Kingdom, you have done it again and for that I thank you. I must also thank you for the wonderful cast that surprised and amused me to no end. I may have laughed louder than others through out the entire film while in the theater but how could I not? The subtle humor in every scene, be it in the dialogue, carefully set-up scenery or the score, kept a continual smirk on my face that just returned. In a word, your '60s island world was enchanting. So in conclusion, thank you. I doubt any film you make can top 'The Royal Tenenbaums,' my personal favorite, but you approach it every time I can't wait until for the next adventure you'll take me on. Until next time, Michael

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