Light Switch

I wish my brain had a light switch. If my brain had a simple, easily accessible switch, I could in complete control of turning it on and turning it off. Better yet, if my brain had a dimmer, I could lower the "lights" at will and thus save energy (pun intended) at will. That would... Continue Reading →

The Branding Tree

…a very special tree. This tree wasn’t like other trees since no one knew this tree from any other. Stuck in the deep forest in a sea of other similar, often superior trees, this tree was sad and alone. Undifferentiated and positioned ever so poorly in the dead center of the growing forest, the tree... Continue Reading →

I Am Not Creative.

I am not creative. I have ideas that come and go but I am too busy to ever actually fully realize them. I have the necessary tools in which to be creative and yet I don't utilize them. I am a creative failure. I am not creative. Through out my day I envision my ideas... Continue Reading →

Messiness is Next to Godliness

Open your random crap drawer. You know the drawer, it's that one you lazily throw your extra coins and other odds and ends into. Make sure you pull it out all the way. Now take a moment to analyze what you see but DO NOT TOUCH anything, simply look at the contents that comprise the... Continue Reading →

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