Top 5 Ads of Super Bowl XLVII

What a Super Bowl. Heck yes I am referring to the game itself which was outstanding (Flacco?!?) but, as always, the talking points don't stop there. The evening will be remembered for Beyonce's knock-out-take-no-prisoners-don't-need-Jay-Z halftime performance, the 34 minute momentum shifting power outage that launched a million hilarious tweets, and, of course, the commercials. This... Continue Reading →

The Rotten Globes

Blerp, looks like "Benjamin" and his Argonauts have finally succeeded in their quest of the Golden Fleece, or at least in pulling it over our eyes. Argo fleecing both Best Motion Picture - Drama AND Best Director - Motion Picture served as the biggest the surprise(s) of the Golden Globes last night, aside from the... Continue Reading →

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