The assignment is to draw, using crayons or colored pencils, what you want to be when you grow up. You know your answer right away but as you look around the room, you notice everyone else just sitting deep in thought. Nerds. Without having to waste time to think really reeeeaalllly hard, you grab the best crayon box and get right to work. Like your idol Michael Jordan, your tongue unwittingly hangs loosely as you focus solely on your drawing. Many meticulous minutes later, you sprint to the teacher’s desk and, smiling, show her your masterpiece. Obviously proud of you, your teacher simply asks, “So how many dunks are you going to have in the NBA Finals?”



98. You earned a freaking 98 a.k.a. the best final grade in your AP Physics class thus cementing your already stellarย GPA. Brimming with confidence, you finally take a minute to think about the amazing student you have been and how well deserved that scholarship toย Stanford University was and you just smile. Future doctor here you come. Life is not only wonderful but it is yours, all yours. The longer you pause to reflect, the smugger you get and soon that wildcard inside gnaws at you until finally you give in. Later that night, you announce to your parents that you’ve chosen to go that small liberal arts college out East instead. Boom, you’ve shocked the world and you’re still going to be a doctor.



The room fills with laughter when one of your roommates suggest Poland as her “must visit country” but she doesn’t look amused. Or does she. You really can’t tell but either way you are cool with any country for however long. College is done and already your English Degree is rotting on the paper it was printed on but you care not. It’s the beginning of summer in and in a few weeks time, you’ll be in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and hell maybe even Poland. The trip will be a great way to keep the party going while also serving as inspiration for your blog and perhaps even a few articles. There is a masterpiece within you. Secretly you relish the time to mull over the offer to work in your alma mater’s marketing department in the fall or just wing it and move to New York with her. Yikes. Looking over at her, you see she was kidding but you can’t resist the urge jump up and howl “POOOOOOOOOOOOLLLAAAAAAAAAAND!”



The sweat rolls off down your back as you sit, forever smiling, in an open clearing just outside of downtown Leesburg. Once again you regret losing the ‘Mumford’ vs. ‘Bond’ debate. She wanted a traditional but elegant wedding complete with black tuxedos and steely stares and that is exactly what she was getting. It was always hard to argue with her, especially when it came to wedding details, but this loss was painful. Shifting positions again at the request of the masochistic photographer, you imagine how wonderful your non-ironic vintage pictures would have been with you and your groomsmen, useless instruments in hand, would have looked as a defunct, Coenesqueย 1930s traveling band. Oh well. This was her day and you are excited but you can’t help but think, o winter where art thou?



The T doors close, separating the fleet of foot from the poor souls on the other side of the speckled glass. Exhaling deeply, you grip the nearest pole and settle in to your own personal bubble. As you begin gazing out of the now moving window, you take a moment to reflect on your life. You’ve been in Boston over a year now and, accelerated Masters in Advertising in hand, you practically beam pride. The career change came about after months of discussion with her but now, with degree completed, you are eager to put new and old skills to work. The city life is incredible, the job hunt exhilarating and the future full of promise and opportunity. As the T approaches the next stop, you notice an open seat and take advantage. Pulling out your iPhone 5, you scroll to The Neighbourhood and push play. The last lyrics you here before drifting off are “How could you question God’s existence if you question God himself?”


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