Love is a drug

Joshua Robertson, FlickriverLove is a drug. No there is no other way around it. The more you have of it, the more you want it. You can feel it through every fiber of your being and there is no substitute for it. You have to have it or you feel utterly destroyed in a way that you can’t express. Like a fever you can’t shake you burn hot and cold for this sweet elixir but you are never satisfied. Helpless and alone you yearn for what you need, for what you crave(!) but it is all in vain. It is always in vain. It is impossible to ever truly have it.

And yet you must have it. All of your actions are increasingly linear as they move to that one goal – getting more. A taste can hold you over but it is never, NEVER enough. Not now, not ever. With every taste you need more to stay on that incomparable high and yet you know you will always crash. Every fall hurts worse than the last but every high lifts you higher than you though possible so you press the issue. You try harder and harder to grab hold of that which cannot be grasped. In the end, you always come up empty.

Perhaps love should be illegal. Like any dangerous drug, it can ruin lives. The fixation can be just as severe and the damage just as devastating. Love doesn’t come with simple guidelines but it needs to be handled with extreme caution nonetheless. There are no rehab love centers where the weary can recuperate, save for listening to every Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne album on an epic road trip, so be cautious, ever cautious.

A life without love might not be worth living but if you dare to love, you will likely need more than a few drugs as well…

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