Broke City

LENA!Lena Dunham is smarter than I am. Every awkward thought, encounter and quirk that she has makes her money. Every one of my own do not. Where she creates, writes, produces and directs her daily forays into mid-20s city life, I merely blog about it. I think it is fairly clear who the winner in this scenario is at present

The phenomenon of her now Golden Globe winning hit HBO series Girls is, if anything, just beginning. Like a female Louie C.K. with friends and without the stand-up routine, Dunham is incredibly adept at finding humor in everything, especially in the mortifying, not-even-diaryable personal situations that you’d never expect to see the light of day, let alone see on television. It seems that with great humor, there is no such thing as an overshare and we, the lucky viewers, are all the better for it.

So how do I, a young, bright-eyed city dweller, join in? Do I try, a.k.a. fail, to create, write, produce and direct a Boston-based show called Boys that would star me, obviously, and my boys? And, when I get successful enough, do I get Ben Affleck to direct a few episodes and bring in guest stars like Denis Leary or Matt Damon. Well of course I do(!), right right?

Except, man boy that I am, I am not “one of the boys” like Dunham is “one of the girls.” Yes, I similarly have no income, given that I’m a graduate student, but that, nor the fact that I’m married, isn’t the main issue. The real issue is that I’m not sure I am capable of doing what both Dunham and Louie do, be sooooo incredibly open and honest. Their shows are great because they showcase themselves, warts and all, and find the humor in the ordinary. Sure I could attempt to capitalize on the random life I lead but it wouldn’t work and I, and you, know it.

Dunham is smarter than I am. That is most definitely true but I left out a few adjectives. She is also funnier and braver and for that she deserves all the success she is having. Perhaps one day I’ll get smart and in brilliant fashion detail the happiness and struggle of being young and married in singles city, in a non-marriage threatening manner of course, but not yet. For now I’ll remain quiet(ish) and private while I learn from and enjoy the enjoyable awkward brilliance of others. And with that, I’ll leave you this quote from Girls.

I think I may be the voice of my generation. Or at least, a voice of a generation.”

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