Ever heard of Facebook stalking? Well whatever you’ve heard is likely dark and fairly creepy but it is not nearly as creepy as the new Badabing! App. What this app does is allow users to search through photos of their friends on Facebook in order to find skin.

Somehow there is technology out there that can recognize skin in order for it to search and collect bikini photos. Though technically these photos are already available online to Facebook friends, this is still as creepy as it gets.

Thankfully, this isn’t a free app so it will deter the politely creepy but since it only costs $1.99, price isn’t likely to be a big deterrent. So what should be?

Besides general morality, the largest deterrent is likely to be public humiliation. Think about it. What if you are out with friends, or on a date, and someone needs to user your phone. Now imagine they see you paid for the Badabing! app. Hmm….

Would you care if they saw the incriminating app on your phone? Would it change the way they perceive you? Would it expose you as the creeper you have always been but hid away? Well, would it?

If the answer is no, go get this app without delay. There must be a market for it or it wouldn’t have been created so go buy yours today! Save yourself the time and hassle and Badabing, you can rapidly and successfully Facebook creep in 0 to 60 seconds. Or, just keep searching doing the old individual Facebook stalking that you are used to since that is at least free and, search history aside, less personally damning.

Just remember that this oft-putting app is only searching through photos that are already available to you through Facebook. You already have access to anything you find using this app since your friends have given you the keys to their skin castle. The app is indeed inherently dirrrrrrrty but it isn’t rocket science, it is just good old modern-day Facebook stalking.

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