A Meal of Oats

Have you ever heard of The Oatmeal?  If you think I’m referring to a particular type of food, well, kindly close Windows 95 and slowly back away from your loudly humming desktop. How your computer has access to what we call the internet is beyond me but I’ll just go ahead and assume you were cryogenic-ally frozen and are not to blame, right John Spartan?

Okay, now that we have weeded out the elderly riff-raff, let’s try again. Have you ever heard of the wonderful, hilarious, ridiculous, informative, questionable, thought-provoking, offensive, inspiring website www.theoatmeal.com? If not, do yourself a favor and leave this blog immediately! No seriously, stop reading and go NOW! Sure I have the ability to be funny, clever and so forth but I must acknowledge that even I am no Matthew Inman. GO!






Okay, so you obviously did not follow my advice. I know that you willfully ignored me because if you had listened, you wouldn’t be reading this. If you had actually listened, you’d either be visually impaired from all the tears of laughter you have no control over OR you’d be on the floor holding your aching stomach that is systematically convulsing such as you have never experienced.

Get my point yet or have I failed to hammer it in? You really should get it by now but obviously  you are of thick-skull so let’s try a new approach. Humor me (pun intended) by viewing the following:

Better? Now, provided you are still reading this blog, I can at least be ensured that you saw the simple but effective example of what @Oatmeal is capable of. I won’t bore you with the history of how this website came to be, though this article from Memeburn is quite informative, since that isn’t my current goal. My goal is simple, to get you to visit this site. Before you ask, the answer is no. I haven’t been paid, nudged or encouraged to promote this insightful web address; I do it solely for YOUR benefit.

Just think about a particular gripe or annoyance in your everyday life, try to see the funny side of it and then see how Inman already turned that exact moment into a comic that paints a picture that your imagination failed to paint. Now I will admit that it helps if you have own a pet, love Sriracha and don’t mind poking fun at religion or stupidity but ultimately, funny is funny.

What I admire most about this site is that it was primarily promoted virally. It was people like you and me that used our mouths, posts, blogs, e-mails, texts etc  to pass along the “good news.” Life isn’t always great but it can always be funny so make sure to eat some oatmeal to ensure you stay happy and healthy.





Okay one more 🙂

“Every time it snows in a big city, everyone is having the exact same conversation”

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