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What is the most memorable slogan you have ever heard? Assuming you can think of one, think about why it resonated with you. Was it particularly catchy or clever? Were you already a fan of the product? Did it make you feel good? Whatever the reason, the slogan found a way to stick with you thereby making it effective, assuming you went out and actually bought the product of course. That assumption is a tad presumptuous since enjoying a slogan doesn’t automatically ensure that you connected with the it enough to actually make a purchase.

For example, check out this CAMELS cigarettes slogan: Catchy right? This ad, which ran during the 50s and 60s, is as hilariously inappropriate as it is effective. As the Chip and Dan Heath discuss in their bestseller Made to Stick, this slogan is particularly sticky. CAMELS created a slogan that succeeded in telling a story while remaining simple, unexpected, concrete, emotional and, quite importantly, credible.

Sadly, this wonderful slogan fails if it is unable to inspire audiences to purchase the product. It’s a tough sell among non-smokers but they aren’t the target. The targeted segment is smokers and based on the lengthy run this ad had, it worked.

I don’t always drink beer but when I do, I prefer DOS EQUIS.

“A Most Interesting Marketing Story”

Know the slogan? This wildly popular DOS EQUIS is slogan is a personal favorite. It subtly screams cool but using a high context method of getting the message across. The key to the whole slogan rests on the should of the character that delivers the line. Ad Age, who created the ad campaign, were able to create the idea of an interesting cultured, well-traveled ultra-man that has a literal world of preferences. When this man subtly gazes into the camera and casually mentions his interest in this particular beer, game over.

Personally, I don’t prefer this beer when I’m drinking and yet, I occasionally find myself choosing it anyway. What a sucker, right? I’m drawn in by the concept but I stay out of sheer respect for the ad agency behind this campaign. I feel that high sale numbers are deserved sales and based on the enormous success they’ve had, I’d say consumers are definitely staying thirsty.

Top Ten Slogans

Slogans have been around for a long time but the best ones never go away, they recycle. According to Ad Age Advertising, the agency behind the DOS EQUIS campaign, here are the 10 best slogans.

  1. “Diamonds are forever”DeBeers
  2. “Just do it”Nike
  3. “The pause that refreshes”Coca-Cola
  4. “Tastes great, less filling”Miller Lite
  5. “We try harder”Avis
  6. “Good to the last drop”Maxwell House
  7. “Breakfast of champions”Wheaties
  8. “Does she … or doesn’t she?”Clairol
  9. “When it rains, it pours”Morton Salt
  10. “Where’s the beef?”Wendy‘s

I would argue that “Think Different” by Apple is top ten worthy but otherwise it is a great list. Slogans are powerful tools that are here to say and who knows, maybe one day you’ll endlessly quoting one of mine.

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