A ‘commercial’ idea

The bartender forgot him again. Unfrickinbelievable. After working to get to the bar itself over 10 minutes ago, he was still drink-less and he was getting impatient. Looking over to his date, who was way out of his league, he noticed sheer boredom. Panicking, he turns back to the crowded bar but no one is there. Where is the bartender now, he asks himself. Looking around a much shorter man, he sees not one but three bartenders at the far end of the bar flirting with some average girl. He yells “Hello?” but no one hears him. Turning back to see his date, he breathes a sigh of relief to see she is still there. Phew!

Okay, action time. He forgoes his spot at the bar to fight his way to the far end and, after much squeezing, finally makes it, but no bartenders are there. He looks for the average girl but she, too, has disappeared. What the hell! Panic turns to anger as he scans the bar and his heart stops. His date has made her way to the bar where he had just been. Standing on a bar stool to get a better view, he is horrified to see that she is no longer bored, but is, in fact, laughing it up with the bartenders, drink in hand. Boiling point reached.

He pushes and shoves his way through the ever statuesque crowd and after what can only be described as an eternity, he makes it back but she is gone. He looks at the bar and notices that there are only two bartenders now. Looking them in the face, he asks if they just saw a blonde girl standing there. No response. He stands on the bar stool to get close and make sure they hear him when he asks again but again, nothing. Ridiculously frustrated, he grabs both bartenders and yells “HEY! WHERE DID THAT BLONDE GIRL THAT WAS JUST HERE GO?!?” Silence.


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