What if…


You know the situation: your cat is begging for attention as you do your best to ignore the increasingly agitated feline while you try to get work done. Sure the cute little cat is only asking for validation but you are busy. You take a break to surf the internet since your work has been interrupted but you’ll get back to the work soon so it is okay. After ignoring a few meows, the little fur ball brushes against your leg but still you persevere. Then quiet, blessed quiet but now you worry. Focusing on work is now impossible since the cat must be up to something so you stop working and begin searching for the cat. Your rescue party of one is short-lived, as always, since the cute little thing is balled up and half-asleep in your favorite spot on the couch. Relieved, you go pet the cat and are immediately rewarded by the sound of purring, blessed purring.

My question, what if humans purred? Just imagine…


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