At the MSPCA
New arrival
One of many new hiding spots
Cuteness (not Katniss)
String, glorious string
Get it!

Meet Revere, the new kitten that my wife Alana and I adopted yesterday (as a 3-year anniversary gift) during the MSPCA’s Kitten Happy Hour. We named her Revere after, you guessed it, Boston icon Paul Revere, who rode bravely through the night with his message.Β  Now, how we got her…

We took a long, public transportation route to get there (and back), we still managed to get there early, quickly fill out the paperwork and begin looking for OUR first cat, or pet period, together.There were many cats there that seemed to plead for a home as only cats can but this one, previously named ‘Crayola,’ was the one who felt right. She, yes she is female, was in a cage/pen/cell with her brothers–Dinosaur, Curiosity and Montessori— but she stood out. It was just that she was oh so cute, which she is, but also that she was/is very playful, entertaining, non-aggressively energetic, unstoppably curious and just a little awkward when it comes to eating as apparently most kittens tend to be.

As you can see, or at least as I can see, Revere is adorable. She is a mere 11 week old who has, in one night, already made quick work of exploring her new home which is our smallish but now adventure-land downtown condo. Having never owned a kitten or an indoor pet, amphibians notwithstanding, it has been fun. Alana and I chose a younger kitten since we wanted it to grow up with us as we began our new life in Boston. Early signs are promising!

If you have any kitten/cat raising advice, don’t hesitate to share away! Questions I have so far include can I still exercise in the house, what does every meow mean, when will my toes no longer be considered ‘toys’ and how far is too far to jump down from something like say a highish bed?

Anyway, as someone who believes that life is an adventure worth living but, like our new kitten, I need discover a way to get that intoxicating, go explore-it-style attitude that this cat has continued to show. Here goes…

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