So many questions, so many possibilities, so so so many what ifs…

What if Hillary, not Obama, had become president?
What if Mitt Romney becomes president?
What if Petyon Manning hadn’t gotten injured?
What if David Tyree dropped that pass?
What if the South had prevailed? Oh man…
What if George Costanza hadn’t been bald?
What if Daniel Tosh hired that blogger?
What if YA novels didn‘t come in packs?
What if Pulp Fiction had won best picture?
What if the paparazzi hadn’t chased Diana?
What if Kurt Cobain was still alive today?
What if cats, not dogs, were colorblind?
What if marijuana was finally legalized?
What if Bolivia wasn’t landlocked?
What if global warming is a hoax?
What if time travel is possible?
What if I had an identical twin?
What if I had moved to Oz?
What if I had gone to UGA?
What if I hadn’t met Alana?
What if, what if, what if…


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