“One person’s craziness…

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.” Tim Burton

Everyone has their own perspective when it comes to nearly everything. Putting yourself in position to truly see a situation through the eyes of others is typically pretty unimaginable. How can anyone who isn't you truly understand your perspective since shaped by your experiences, who you've met, what you've done, what you believe and who you are overall.

It is absolutely possible to gain perspective through new experiences and interactions. The best thing anyone can do is to be open and attentive in the situations you encounter. Yesterday, did my best to be open while driving a massive Penske moving truck, easily the largest vehicle I've ever driven, on a highway for 4 hours. It was quite the revelation. For the first time, I felt connected to Semi trucks, I rocked the slow lane and I was the immovable object that I would typically zip around.

For me, the Penske truck driving example is what I call a "small potatoes" example but it opened my eyes and I could feel it changing my perspective. I challenge anyone who reads this to make yourself open to finding ways to expand or manipulate or simply gain perspective as you live your life. I certainly didn't anticipate what I would gain in the Penske situation but I'm happy for it and I can't wait for more opportunities!


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