Hook and Loop

The sound is iconic. Peeling back the recognizably textured strip produces an audible noise that can only be one thing, velcro. That distinct ripping creates an elongated tearing sound that is oh so familiar and oh so fun. In an instant, the action that induces that electric sound floods the mind with happy childhood memories. Life is... Continue Reading →

Nicole Brooker: Mullen

Every advertiser has that aha moment where they can look back and say it was then that they knew which area of advertising was for them. For Nicole Brooker, Senior Brand Strategist at Boston based agency Mullen, it took interning in account management and a chance introduction to change course. Meet Nicole. You'll be happy... Continue Reading →

Ad Elves

When was the last time that you purchased something you needed? When was the last time that you purchased something you truly didn't need? When was the last time that you bought something you really couldn't afford? When was the last time that you, an intelligent consumer, bought something, anything, that you still can't explain... Continue Reading →

What’s next?

We spend our lives desperately trying to remain relevant, so we attempt to learn from the past while living in the present while hoping to be part of the future - it's exhausting.  It is so easy to be outdated, forgotten, and left behind that it takes serious work just to stay in the now... Continue Reading →


The past, as it has always been, is the prologue. Marketing is in the midst of a revolution that focuses on the past while remaining relevant in today's world. The more new technologies emerge, the more marketers revert to previous ideals and images indicative of a glorified simpler time. This marketing shift works two-fold since... Continue Reading →

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