More Human Than Human

To be human is to be, well, human. And, as a real life human, it is thrilling to be allowed to waaaaaaay overreact to any perceived slight. Truly. Bursting useless blood vessels when someone drifts carelessly into your lane, has the gall to steal that last outlet at the airport or divides the check wrong... Continue Reading →

Open Happiness

When you think of Coca-Cola, what is the first thing you think of? Do you think about thirst-quenching goodness, the sweet taste of magical caffeine elixir or how happiness is one sip away? If you think any of these things, you and I are alike. If you instead think of Pepsi-Cola and how much better... Continue Reading →

I Will, Protect This House

Baltimore has arrived as a sports town. Though Baltimore is known as it is portrayed in the critically acclaimed HBO series The Wire, which is to say a bit gritty and corrupt, that is now the past. Baltimore has been making positive strides for years but even those successes were of the small, 'oh-good-for-you' kind... Continue Reading →

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