The Story is the Thing

In October of 2012, I attended Harvard Business School's Marketing Innovation Conference in Cambridge, MA. I went with fairly high expectations but, so my own surprise, it was because of John Skipper, CEO of ESPN, that it became an experience that continues to stick with me. All of the other tremendous speakers and panelists were interesting and thought-provoking but... Continue Reading →

The NASCAR ‘Twist’

Professional sports should be exciting. Audiences should be fully enthralled in the drama that unfolds on the screen, field, court or stadium in front of them. The sheer athleticism should shock and awe with such force that mere fans should be left with jaws on the floor and eyes as big as Kermit the Frog.... Continue Reading →


I had the privilege of attending the 2012 Marketing Innovation Conference at Harvard Business School. After a day of invigorating sessions that covered topics ranging from haptic shopping to handling corruption in emerging markets, I was able to hear John Skipper, ESPN's new CEO, give the afternoon keynote. It was, in a word, interesting. As... Continue Reading →


The 2012 Olympics continue to be tremendous fun though it is becomingly increasingly in spite of NBC. The continuous coverage is great when you have a)all the cable channels, b)time off to watch live events through out the day, c) no internet so the 'primetime' events are spoiled and d) e) f) etc. See more... Continue Reading →

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