I Am Not Creative.

I am not creative. I have ideas that come and go but I am too busy to ever actually fully realize them. I have the necessary tools in which to be creative and yet I don't utilize them. I am a creative failure. I am not creative. Through out my day I envision my ideas... Continue Reading →

REinventing the wheel

The human race is over. Gone are all the wonderful ideas, inventions and innovative know-how that used to dominate the rapid growth of the most dominant species on planet Earth. There will be no more pyramids built, no bright ideas like electricity and there will certainly never be a time-travel device. The human race is... Continue Reading →

Is it innate to create?

The art of creating is important. We are all creators in one way or another yet I feel that many of us don't view ourselves that way. Not everyone is instinctively creative yet we create every day. Be it a feeling, a meal, the manner in which you make your bed, posting on facebook and... Continue Reading →

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