Hook and Loop

The sound is iconic. Peeling back the recognizably textured strip produces an audible noise that can only be one thing, velcro. That distinct ripping creates an elongated tearing sound that is oh so familiar and oh so fun. In an instant, the action that induces that electric sound floods the mind with happy childhood memories. Life is... Continue Reading →

Not Content

Imagine you are ensconced in your tiny, yet comfortable apartment due to a relentless blizzard. Looking outside, you reflect on this wonderful and unexpected snow day that has given you what you desire most, time. What do you do with your day? Slowly, carelessly, a smile emerges on your contented face as your mind drifts... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Being Honest

No one likes a liar and apparently no one prefers to buy from one either. As the world of advertising continues to shift towards content-based engagement, transparency is vital to success. Posting amusing pictures and clever slogans are still memorable and will drawn in new consumers but it is factual and informative content that will... Continue Reading →


If you have ever been to Maine, you have been to Vacationland. You will know you are there by the glut of Maine license plates that say so as you speed by them as you drive to your vacation destination. Be prepared not to speed too fast since you never want to hit a moose... Continue Reading →

The Branding Tree

…a very special tree. This tree wasn’t like other trees since no one knew this tree from any other. Stuck in the deep forest in a sea of other similar, often superior trees, this tree was sad and alone. Undifferentiated and positioned ever so poorly in the dead center of the growing forest, the tree... Continue Reading →

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