Best Films of 2013

What defines a truly great film experience? Is it the ability to allow audiences to escape into a different world, is it about sheer fun and entertainment, is it stunning, Gravity-esque visuals that put audiences directly into the fray or is it about emotional connection? Good films can, and do, deliver on all of the... Continue Reading →

Best Albums of 2013

Musically, 2013 has been an audible cornucopia of greatness. The emergence of so many exceptional new artists, like Earl Sweatshirt and Jake Bugg, and continued excellence of heavy-hitters like Kanye West and Daft Punk, add to a tremendous year of music. So, whittling down the list of worthy albums has been as fun as it... Continue Reading →

Best Songs of 2013

Now presenting the The Best (50) Songs of 2013, which has rightfully changed from the mid-year Best Songs of 2013 (so far) list. As for list itself, the only caveat is that no artist can be represented more than once so you won't see multiple entries from deserving artists like Kanye West, James Blake or CHVRCHES. To listen to... Continue Reading →

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