Predicting the Academy Awards

The Academy is in for a long night. The ballots have already been cast but the story has yet to be told. The different directions the night could take, and Monday morning water cooler conversations that follow, are as exciting as they are unpredictable. Will members deliver a surprising American Hustle domination and award the... Continue Reading →

Best TV Shows of 2013

Thanks to Netflix, 2013 will be remembered as the year that changed television. In impressive and unexpected fashion, Netflix released three of this year's best shows while simultaneously creating a nation of binge-watchers. Not since HBO has there been such a wealth of creative and engaging scripted shows. Job well done. And yet, even with... Continue Reading →

RElearning your ABCs

When we were children, we learned our ABCs and, man, did we love it. It was fun to discover these new shapes that held meaning when combined. Writing your first lower case q was weird but great and you'll never forget trying to learn cursive since loops are inherently fun to mess around with. Learning... Continue Reading →

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