Hype Machine

When I was in high school, I craved freedom. Like any teenager, I was eager to break away from my normal routine and discover the big bad world. At the time, this world consisted of the greater Atlanta area but to me it might as well have been another planet that I, a resourceless astronaut, needed to discover. Without a car, cell phone, or... Continue Reading →

Hook and Loop

The sound is iconic. Peeling back the recognizably textured strip produces an audible noise that can only be one thing, velcro. That distinct ripping creates an elongated tearing sound that is oh so familiar and oh so fun. In an instant, the action that induces that electric sound floods the mind with happy childhood memories. Life is... Continue Reading →

Mobile: A Hate Story

The longer The Internship continued, the more uninterested Jack became. He hadn't heard great things about the film but his love of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson had piqued his interest enough to push play. Now, after an increasingly dull 30 minutes, Jack grew restless. Squirming uncomfortably, he desperately tried to find the perfect. Just... Continue Reading →

The Happiness Conundrum

With the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence, the pursuit of happiness became an official government mandate, a literal inalienable right. Citizens gained the right to life, to liberty and to the pursuit of their dreams and desires. Whether Thomas Jefferson borrowed this notion from Adam Ferguson's An Essay on the History of... Continue Reading →

Google Helmet

In 1987, the first RoboCop film was released. The film, set in a dystopian near-future version of a crime-ridden Detroit, featured a visionary hero that was part man and part machine. RoboCop himself, though appropriately named, was completely misunderstood. And even though this super soldier would go on to repeatedly save the the day, the... Continue Reading →

All the World’s a Stage

Forget Meryl Streep. Forget Leonardo DiCaprio. Forget Bryan Cranston. Forget Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Forget any actor you've ever seen on-screen. To find the best actor alive, look in a mirror. Shakespeare had it right. Earth is the largest stage ever built and we are the actors. Whether we burn bright and fast or grind through life... Continue Reading →

Best Films of 2013

What defines a truly great film experience? Is it the ability to allow audiences to escape into a different world, is it about sheer fun and entertainment, is it stunning, Gravity-esque visuals that put audiences directly into the fray or is it about emotional connection? Good films can, and do, deliver on all of the... Continue Reading →

Best TV Shows of 2013

Thanks to Netflix, 2013 will be remembered as the year that changed television. In impressive and unexpected fashion, Netflix released three of this year's best shows while simultaneously creating a nation of binge-watchers. Not since HBO has there been such a wealth of creative and engaging scripted shows. Job well done. And yet, even with... Continue Reading →

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

In the middle of another cold and blustery Green Bay winter afternoon, Alan Bart Erickson met the world for the first time. His parents, proud Wisconsin natives through and through, hadn't been this ecstatic since 1961, when Bart Starr led their beloved Packers to the top of the NFL stratosphere. Weighing in at a healthy... Continue Reading →

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