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My name is Michael Miller. Yes, that means I have an extremely boring name that if you Google it will lead to the land a a million Michael Millers, but that doesn’t define who I am. As an American who was born and raised in Bolivia and has lived in so many different locations, my world view was uniquely shaped from the outset. As a result, I am forever an outsider as I’m not truly “from” anywhere, so my life is an eternal quest for discovery, which I love using as a source of inspiration for my writing.

I am also a “cusper,” as I was born on the cusp of two generations, Gen X and Gen Y a.k.a millennial, which sorta makes me a METAmillennial. And not that I care much about my Zodiac sign, but there again I’m a cusper as I was born on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer. My life is defined by not fitting neatly into category, be it a generation, zodiac or country, but I am better for it. I am a little bit of everything and distinctly nothing, just proudly me.

I use my nothing/everythingness in my quest for discover and I just love the opportunities that this digital age offers. Sure I only read print books and I escape to nature as often as I possibly can, but the digital world is limitless. Friends and colleagues describe me as a deep (over)thinker, brand-lover, pop culture aficionado, social media enthusiast, sports guru, and creative problem solver – all of which are all true – but I am, at heart, a storyteller. I simply love the power of stories and how, in this day and age, they can exist in so many forms and be delivered in so many ways. I have a deep passion for brand marketing and communications, especially professionally within the context of higher education and nonprofit work, but also in all things sports and pop culture.

I also use real life, and quite often my new city (Seattle) and region (Pacific Northwest), as inspiration. I love new experiences (who doesn’t), my wife and my cat Revere, a.k.a. @RevereTheCat, who has over 18,000 followers on Instagram. I am forever on the hunt for new adventures and opportunities to take in and absorb. As a Bolivian-born American who has lived and traveled across the globe, my lens is likely different than yours, but I welcome you to look through it.