Maybe I’m alone in this but I think that @BarackObama nailed it last night by being clear, concise and not stooping to level of @MittRomney

Michael Miller Michael Miller@Milleye21

I just don’t see it Chris Matthews – not everyone has to explode to get their point across @HuffingtonPost #perspective #2012debates

We made the @HuffingtonPost AWESOME! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/03/romney-big-bird-statement-firedbigbird_n_1937908.html?1349319791&ncid=edlinkusaolp00000008 …

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Fact checkers, GO! Let’s see if Mitt said anything true. #debate2012

                9h Michael Miller Michael Miller@Milleye21

Well said @oliviawilde

Mitt won the coin toss at birth.

             9h Michael Miller Michael Miller@Milleye21

Wow – so good! @claytoncubitt

Hey middle class, I missed the debates. Who won?

                9h Michael Miller Michael Miller@Milleye21

Well not the middle class and definitely not Big Bird! @danieltosh

If Romney buys the presidency, will he buy out America and sell it while pocketing the difference? @CNN @HuffingtonPost @NewYorker #debates

@Milleye21 C’mon Miller that’s total bs

What’s with the black screen behind Obama? @NewYorker #debates

Can we get Jim Lehrer chair to moderate this debate ? #whereisclintwhenyouneedhim

                   10h Michael Miller Michael Miller@Milleye21

Amen @mcuban

Obama keeps texting during the #debate… You think Michelle is sexting him?

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Romney put a black dot on his flag to commemorate the 51st state- Fake Sincerity

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It’s official, I’m naming my future baby Dot Frank! @HuffingtonPost #debates

I would kill to see the pit stains that Mitt Romney has right now @StephenAtHome #debates

Jim Lehrer, “Can the two of you agree?” – quote of the night #debates

Romney is clearly not used to having to listen to people criticize him. #debates #richpeopleproblems

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                 10h Michael Miller Michael Miller@Milleye21

I’m just waiting for @BarackObama to put his hand on Romney’s head and watch him swing at air little kid   style @NewYorker #debate2012

“I was wrong” should be Romney’s new slogan @HuffingtonPost #duh

The Art of Storytelling will always start @BarackObama and never Mr. Helmet Head @NewYorker #preachon

It always takes a ‘minute’ to go from medicaid to schools #debate2012 @HuffingtonPost

Um, leave Spain out of the debate Romney @RafaelNadal

Machine gun or gat to ‘kill’ jobs? @oliviawilde

He would like Big Bird

                  10h Michael Miller Michael Miller@Milleye21

Great stuff- wish you were still on ‘The Office’ @bjnovak #theNovakProject

Waiting for your thoughts more than ever @JerrySeinfeld

Romney wants the first, middle and last word EVERYtime #forwardnotback

Romney has a ‘guy’ for everything – agree? @serjtankian #bullshit

If you could, what would you do to Romney’s hair right now? @SarahKSilverman #debate

Cool under pressure vs. Ticking time bomb @cnnbrk #debate2012

6 studies vs 1 study, really Romney!?! #debate

“We do best when the middle class is doing well” -Obama #debates #hp2012

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Hey @sethmeyers21, maybe you should dye your sideburns white and go for it #2016

First come, first serve. Second listens, second served. #debate2012

@PhillipBaker2 Oh I try, alone with the cat in my beautiful blue tie (rhyme intended)!

I love it when Romney tells stories #debate

8:29 PM – 3 Oct 12 · Details

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