Who doesn’t love a list? Lists make the world go round in a quicker, more efficient manner since they help organize your thoughts. Checklists put things you need to do allow you the ability to systematically cross through important tasks whenever you accomplish i.e. complete them. Lists, or at least the idea of them, make life more manageable.

That said, my favorite kind of lists are the kind that start with the glorious tandem ‘Top Ten’ and end with something I’m interested in. I wish I knew why top ten lists are so exciting but I don’t. There is just something about categorizing the best places to live, the greatest athletes to come out of the great state of Illinois, the worst movies of 2012 so far, FIFA world soccer rankings, any list David Letterman presents and more, always more. When I get bored, I am likely to surf the internet and, without trying to, I tend to gravitate towards these types of lists.

Because I love lists, I love ZergNet. The site is basically a compilation of interesting, entertainment related articles that are frequently categorized into lists. It matters not that if you click on one top list that it takes you to other semi-interesting, list fixated sites like PopCrush, JoBlo or FW; what matters is the lists are listed for you to enjoy in a simple, easy-to-click manner. How wonderful! Go to ZergNet now and you’ll see, amongst many, the following recent lists:

Are all of these lists fascinating? Do they intrigue you in some manner? Do they scratch an itch you didn’t know you had? For me, at least in regards to the list of lists listed above, I say kind of, mostly and yes. I don’t always prefer mindless best of or top ten lists but they are quick to view, easy to read and, as a result, mindless fun.With these kind of lists in mind, I’ll end with one of MY own:

Top Bands I Cannot Stop Listening to Right Now!

  1. Frank Ocean
  2. Bob Dylan
  3. Jeff the Brotherhood
  4. Fiona Apple
  5. Rizzle Kicks

Exercise log:
Rest day…or YogaX


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