When was the last time you tried, and likely failed, to hula hoop? Hopefully your answer evokes happy childhood memories with the awkwardly fun activity but perhaps you’ve had a more recent opportunity to hoop it up. I had such a chance over the weekend in downtown Boston where I, and many others, had the completely random opportunity to hula hoop. Upon completion, I was elated at how fun it was so I searched the recesses of my brain to try and remember my first hula hooping experience but I drew, and still draw, a blank.

I did, however, remain excited about hula hooping and I was, am, curious about the origins of the seemingly simple hula hoop. After a little research, I discovered that us silly humans have attempted the not-so-simple task of rotating hoops around our midsections for centuries. Whether it was the Greeks hooping for exercise or Hawaiians hula dancing, different forms of hula hooping have existed for some time. The actual name arises from a combination of the two activities due to the similar nature of  hooping and hula dancing which is just BRILLIANT!

Hula hooping hasn’t been on the national radar since Michelle Obama hooped it up at the White House in 2009 in part of her on-going health initiative. If our First Lady can show hooping as exercise and embrace the health aspects of it then why can’t we combine that with our fun childhood memories and just hoop with it? Any invention that has lasted this long and has been made out of everything from plastic, metal and wood to grasses, bamboo and vines isn’t going anywhere.

So, get out there and grab the next hula hoop you see and give it your best shot! See if you can top Michelle Obama‘s 142 swivels, clink on the link to see her go(!), but don’t forget the goal of having fun! You aren’t likely to be as graceful as she was and you will surely look silly and feel perhaps even feel a tad indecent, as the Japanese once thought when they banned the hula hoop because of the indecent rotating hip action, but who cares!

I’m terrible…

Exercise log:
Rest day


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