Health Journal: End of Month 1

Today is my one month anniversary as a blogger (YAY!) and, purposefully coincidental, as a marathoner-in-training (bigger YAY!). I began my blog on my June 21st, which was my 28th birthday and what my blog is named after, and so far I have successfully continued the fun new challenge of daily blogging daily actually following a bona fide marathon training schedule and, knock on wood, have avoided lethargy, injury and general apathy.

As I will do on the 21st of every month, I will take fresh and slightly awkward ‘progress pictures’ so I can log a photo journal in addition to mostly accurate ‘health statistics’ which are listed below. Enjoy?!?

Health status:
Age: 28
Height: 5’6.5″
Weight: 159.6*
Water Percentage: 62.9*
Body Fat %: 21.3*
*According to our older, semi-inaccurate scale

Exercise log:
7:30am – 8 mile run with Lex and Jay (country loop)

June 21-July 21 – 80.75 miles run


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