Life is rarely simple and nearly always complex and it is nigh impossible to not get caught up in it. As the insightful zen blogger Leo Babauta recently wrote, “simply everything.” This is superb advice that, in praxis, is extremely difficult to accomplish which is why he suggests beginning this arduous process incrementally. In fact, he even provides a list of ways to start which I fully plan on taking to heart (rhyme intended) but today I want to focus on #3 – Start purging possessions.

In my life, I have moved around quite a bit so I’ve had the misfortune of collecting too many irreplaceable items. I am by no means a hoarder but I have accumulated much more than I need. Yesterday, while beginning to pack up my apartment for yet another move, this time from Virginia to Massachusetts, I encountered the clutter head on. Needless to say, with a small city condo on the horizon, the purging has finally begun.

Moving is providing me the opportunity to eliminate unnecessary belongings in large scale fashion. Lucky me! No seriously, this is a true blessing. Moving forces declutterization! Do you really need that “cool” wine glass from the tasting 3 years ago? Will you actually reread Atlas Shrugged? Are you absolutely positive that high school shirt still fits? Where will you actually finish/frame/hang your art project? Yeah, didn’t think so…

Moving is forcing me to simplify my belongings, which I am quite thankful for, but it is not enough. It is important that I find other ways to simplify my life without being pushed into doing so by a major life change. I know that I need to begin simplifying my day-to-day activities so I can continue to declutter all aspects of my life and thus provide myself the opportunity to just breathe.

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