Royalty: A Mix Tape

Royalty: A Mix Tape

I am a Donald Glover fan. I am fan of his acting on the wonderful show ‘Community,’ his writing for ’30 Rock,’ his comedy stand-up and, most of all, his music where he raps under the name Childish Gambino. Yesterday, while trying to hear what a Tina Fey rap would sound like, I stumbled across a recent full-length, Gambino mix tape – complete with a FREE DOWNLOAD! This happy accident completely made my day. I am always excited to stumble across unexpected delights but I don’t typically strike gold. I highly recommend (obviously) clicking on the link and discovering this album for yourself. The lyrics are witty, the beats are trippy and the remixes are great! Oh, and if that is not enticing enough, you’ll find the Tina Fey rap I was looking for on the last track which, though quite a bit awkward, is very entertaining.

Exercise log:
6am – Picking green beans, bagging onions w/ Benny Thunder (2 hours)
4:30pm – 4 mile hike (Cville)


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