NPR: Summer Music Preview

NPR: Summer Music Preview

Change is good for the soul. Change is good for the heart. Change is good, period. I am of the belief that the more we sit in one place, the more we stagnate and stall, the more we become complacent and we don’t more forward. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating to move, buy a new car, get new friends, try and become a new person (impossible) or any such thing. All I’m suggesting, no, imploring, myself and others to do is to simply be open to change. The more we are open to change, the more we can me moved by it, impacted by it and, at the very least, ready for it. Nothing stays the same so why should we?

I too often get stuck in ruts since I can too easily be a creature of routine but that is what I’m trying to get away from. For me, and perhaps for you, it can be easy if we simply start small like trying a new recipe, read a new book, start a new routine (quite difficult but this blog is one personal example) or experience something/ANYTHING different from your norm. In the spirit of change, I posted a link from NPR to encourage change in the form of a new band so try it out and enjoy (or don’t but at least try)!

Exercise log:
Frisbee golf (with Jay)
Walk/bike (shortish)
10pm – SAVSL soccer game (lost to the Shankters 4-2)


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