Raise Your Weapon – Deadmau5

Raise Your Weapon – Deadmau5

Today you can call me Action Jackson since that is what I’m going to be! When you wake up ready to go don’t you just feel like attacking your day, roughing it up a bit and straight winning? I do. As a result, I am ready for techno so I posted Deadmau5’s live performance from Virginia Freefest 2011 that I went to last fall with my bros Andrew and Jay (where you at Greg?). ‘Raise Your Weapon’ might be the best techno song ever and I challenge anyone to list to the song, maybe not the grainy version I posted here, and not feel like jumping around! If you can’t tell, I am ready for today!

Oh, also can’t wait for my continued birthday celebration with the Hershberger clan and the Trinka fam! Hopefully I get a long run in, entertain A-Weng and watch France beat Spain along the way!!!!!

Exercise log:
6pm – 4.2 mile run (to and from Red Front Rebox to return ‘Carnage,’ which was great, and ‘Cowboys and Aliens,’ which was not)


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